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Why vote for Obama or McCain when you can vote for Hillary


Are you finally fed up?

Are you tired of everyone trashing Hillary?

Are you tired of the Sexism?

Are you tired ofpeople trying to push Hillary out of the race?

Are you tired of being told that you have to vote for Obama?

Then join the Hillary Grassroots Campaign to show Hillary we support her no matter what. Our goal is to show Hillary that we want her to run as an Independent. It doesn't make any sense to vote for McCain or Obama when you can vote for Hillary. We know Hillary will make a better President, so lets not let this Historic moment pass

We have over 250,000 Hillary supporters on board. Show your support and join the movement.

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Hillary Rodham Clinton for President 2008

Hillary Clinton is currently a United States Senator, elected in New York. The wife of President Bill Clinton, she is widely considered a front runner for the democratic presidential ticket in 2008.

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