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Hillary Clinton 2008

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Hillary Clinton 2008

Hillary Clinton



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April 16th, 2008

I saved this video clip for just this time. In response to the Flag Question, this is what Obama said:

And let me just make one last point on this issue of the flag pin. As you noted, I wore one yesterday when a veteran handed it to me, who himself was disabled and works on behalf of disabled veterans. I have never said that I don't wear flag pins or refuse to wear flag pins. This is the kind of manufactured issue that our politics has become obsessed with and, once again, distracts us from what should be my job when I'm commander in chief, which is going to be figuring out how we get our troops out of Iraq and how we actually make our economy better for the American people.

Okay smarty, let me sho u teh manufacturingz!11 of the issue right here, you douchebag:

Lies, lies, lies...someone send this link to that woman who asked the original question (Nash McCabe of Latrobe, Pennsylvania).


March 29th, 2008


Carville elaborates on his "Judas" comment about Richardson, names names.

Hey there y'all...I'm still here, just preoccupied with our new puppy (he wears me out!). But I'm still following everything/reading articles. I just thought this one was a good one.

BTW if you haven't seen it yet, Carville is in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. We watched it last night and I wasn't expecting to see him in it, LOL (he plays the governor of Missouri, I believe).


March 25th, 2008

Since Obamatrons are crawling all over this "Wright Distraction", I figured I'd set the record straight.

From here.

UPDATE Friday 6:45 p.m.

Lissa Muscatine, who served as Hilary Clinton's chief speechwriter in 1996 and accompanied her on the Bosnia trip, feels that I have failed to provide a full picture of what took place. She gave me her "vivid recollections" of the arrival in Tuzla, which I quote below:

I was on the plane with then First Lady Hillary Clinton for the trip from Germany into Bosnia in 1996. We were put on a C17-- a plane capable of steep ascents and descents -- precisely because we were flying into what was considered a combat zone. We were issued flak jackets for the final leg because of possible sniper fire near Tuzla. As an additional precaution, the First Lady and Chelsea were moved to the armored cockpit for the descent into Tuzla. We were told that a welcoming ceremony on the tarmac might be canceled because of sniper fire in the hills surrounding the air strip. From Tuzla, Hillary flew to two outposts in Bosnia with gunships escorting her helicopter.

And yet, the WaPo article still gave the Clinton Bosnia story 4 Pinocchios. Unreal.


March 24th, 2008

Or a meaningless distraction from all of the viciousness.


March 9th, 2008

I am quite shocked at a negative radio ad that is airing in MS from the Obama campaign. The following is from Cnn's Political Ticker

"(CNN) – Barack Obama’s campaign has debuted a new radio ad in Mississippi called "Respect," highlighting what they call “derogatory” remarks Hillary Clinton made about the state late last year.

The ad also argues that Obama will “practice his Christian faith by respecting us” — an apparent push-back against the false Muslim rumors that have dogged him throughout the campaign.

In the 30-second spot, former Mississippi Governor Ray Mabus, an Obama supporter, derides Clinton for comments she made last fall singling out the state’s record of electing female politicians.

"I was shocked when I learned Iowa and Mississippi have never elected a woman governor, senator or member of Congress," Clinton told the Des Moines Register in October. "There has got to be something at work here. How can Iowa be ranked with Mississippi? That's not the quality. That's not the communitarianism, that's not the openness I see in Iowa.'"

Mabus accuses the Clinton campaign of calling Mississippi voters “second class.”

“Now I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of people putting us down,” Mabus says in the ad. “Tired of politicians trying to divide our nation instead of lifting it up.”

Mississippi voters head to the polls next Tuesday, March 11, with 33 Democratic delegates at stake.
– CNN Political Producer Peter Hamby

Apparently, the SCRIPT of the ad itself can be found here at AOL news and is as follows:

" "You know, now that Hillary Clinton is campaigning here in Mississippi, she likes to say how important we are," Mabus says in the ad. "But just a few months ago when she was campaigning in Iowa, she told them she was shocked Iowa could be ranked with Mississippi on anything. And her campaign even called voters in states like Mississippi 'second class'.

"Obama will unite not divide", Governor Mabus continues. "He'll take on special interest and not take their money. And he'll practice his Christian faith by respecting us."

Now, read up and compare what she ACTUALLY said about elected women compared to the radio ad. Absolutely disgusting!

Personally, I find her quote to be something positive and shows that she has been taking an ACTIVE stance in ending discrimination against women and making efforts to further equal representation in elected bodies.

Maybe I'm just being cynical, but if the roles were reversed and Obama was being critical of states for not supporting a representative portion of black elected officials it would be a career killer to paint it in a negative light :( /sigh

March 6th, 2008


Obama's key foreign policy aide Samantha Power has called Hillary Clinton "a monster".

Ssssso...who's playing dirty? Who's the one whining and throwing tantrums and behaving like a little shit? Obamatrons need to STFU about "Clinton attacking".

I just wanted to post this video here..I made it back in September and clearly I still believe the lyrics are the best way to describe Hillary..

"Simply The Best!"
So nnaylime posted this on this fantastic visual thread but I thought that this article was fantastic and that it needed more attention. I know I'm going to be referencing it throughout the week.


A tidbit:

WASHINGTON -- Hillary Clinton is not the only Democrat with a math problem. But the arithmetical difficulty that Barack Obama faces is fundamentally different from Clinton's: She doesn't have the numbers that plot a clear path to the nomination. He doesn't have the numbers that plot a clear path to a Democratic victory in the fall.

The spin-of-the-day from the Obama campaign on the morning after Clinton's victories in three of the four states holding primaries on Tuesday is that the New York senator cannot possibly overtake her rival's lead in "pledged" delegates -- that is, those won in primaries and caucuses -- and therefore has no chance of winning the Democratic nomination.

The arithmetic conveniently leaves out an essential part of the equation: Neither Obama nor Clinton can secure through the primaries and caucuses the 2,025 delegates necessary to win at the Denver convention without the votes of the superdelegates. And Clinton's stunning performance on Tuesday, particularly in Ohio, makes Obama's argument that superdelegates should automatically back the will of the voters -- and not use independent political judgment about who can best compete against Republican John McCain in November -- look like an awfully simplistic calculus.

March 5th, 2008


Later today, after I asked you guys what the deal was with superdelegates and what this meant for the conflicted superdelegate mayor of my Ohio hometown... she comes out in support of Obama. Even though Ohio went to Clinton. Her argument is that the city and county went to Obama (true), so she feels justified in claiming that all along she was just going to go with what the city wanted.


Can I take ANY comfort in knowing that my city always goes Democratic in the end? Does that mean they'll come around if Hillary DOES get the nomination??

I feel like... somehow personally responsible for this! My mayor lost us a superdelegate! I'm so upset right now. Although, too, I was just saying to a colleague today that I sure wouldn't want to be a superdelegate right now. Eesh, the pressure!

From the Great Jesse Jackson Sr.

"We are spending too much time on the horse race and are not paying enough attention to those things that are in the wagon that the horse will be pulling."

And, when did Bill Bradley become such an enormous (figuratively and literally) jackass?

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