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Hillary Clinton 2008

I posted this over at hilldogpumas...

Hillary Clinton 2008

Hillary Clinton

I posted this over at hilldogpumas...

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...so forgive me if this is the second time you've seen it. I'll put it under a cut anyway.

(EDIT) By the way, here's a story about someone who HONORS HER COMMITTMENTS, unlike the idiot pictured above. Oh HAY, look the RACIST is pandering (except not, because she's known that child since she was 2)!!! I sure hope Aleatha is as pissed as fuck as the rest of us for the Obamatrons (and the Obama campaign including the Arrogant Douchebag) labelling the Clintons as racist.

  • *snerk*
  • hahah
  • Genius.
  • Ha! Made my day. : )
  • hahaha.
  • Arrogant is right. Who does he remind me of? Take a look.

    Mr Hopechange Benito Mussolini
    Mr Hopechange Benito Mussolini

    I want a president fit for a free, constitutional republic, not another "Il Duce"

    Nobama in 2008 -- Keep the change

    • Wow.

      You people are actually certifiable.

      I can't even be mad. I'm just...


      • Disagreeing with your choice of candidate is a sign of mental illness?

        Josef Stalin would be so proud of you.

        Nobama in 2008 -- Keep the change

        • No, not at all. As I've said to all my friends who supported Clinton in the primaries, we win no matter which of them gets the nomination.

          What's certifiable is the bizarre extent to which some supporters on both sides take their bitter hatred. It's amazing how one can be so supportive of Clinton and agree that she faced sexism and many other hurdles and unfair situations in the media, and then turn around and act like the worst of the worst of her haters, just in the other direction, towards Obama.


          If that represents the thinking of a typical Hillary supporter, then maybe things turned out for the best. (Though I still hope she has a place in an Obama administration. I think she'll do great in a high appointed position, where she won't have to triangulate as much.)

          • I can speak for no one but myself. As for "bitter hatred", none here. It's just that I have taken a real good look at your chosen candidate, indeed, I have read every article posted on the official Obama web site, and I also downloaded all the *.pdf "white papers". I wonder just how many of his supporters have ever done the same? Having done so, I find him distinctly wanting. I'm especially leery of the cult-like devotion, as if this candidate (and remember that's what he is: a politician) can do no wrong. I don't like the authoritarian demeanor and terminology. I likewise do not like the arrogance he projects. I find this especially disturbing since we're talking about a freshman senator who's barely through the first half of his first term. Given the paucity of experience, I'd expect a bit more humility here, and I'm not seeing it. A lot of his poses do look very much like those of Mussolini. This, in turn, really does make me wonder about his character.

            I'm sorry, but I can not support this candidate. If you can tell me that, in your informed opinion, this is the candidate to vote for, then go ahead and vote your conscience and I'll vote mine.

            Nobama in 2008 -- Keep the change
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