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Hillary Clinton 2008

UK news bias AGAIN

Hillary Clinton 2008

Hillary Clinton

UK news bias AGAIN

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[Actress] Diane (cheekbones)

Can someone please explain to me why, after Hillary wins by a huge margin in Kentucky and Obama wins by a much smaller margin in Oregon, the article on their website has a big picture of Obama and the headline "Obama 'within reach' of victory"?!

Thank God for this community, or I'd think the race for nominee was a foregone conclusion like most other people in this country.

ETA: Just watched Hillary's victory speech from Kentucky. There are no words for that level of awesome. XD
  • Yes, I've noticed this as well. I thought the BBC would hold impartiality, but I've been noticing this with past primary results that they seldom headline with Hillary at the advantage. And even when they do mention her wins, Obama is mentioned in with a contradicting slant just to reinforce his status. I was completely taken back by the definitiveness of this one, though. But they are too quick and sensationalized in their ways because I'm sure they are only formatting their perspective on feedback from US news outlets and thus go back 'n' forth in their attempt to address the results.
  • I know, I was never a big believer in media bias, but COME ON NOW! They did the same thing when she won WV by a HUGE margin! I mean, I hate to think this way, but maybe the Republicans are right in thinking that now, the media picks the nominees for us (since the campaign finance reform law). I wonder...

    It would be amazing if she actually won this process after all, and of course, it really is still possible -- if improbable. I think it is extremely arrogant of Obama to claim victory now, when he has not actually WON. That would really rub me the wrong way if I was Hillary, I mean come on. She did make a statement that showed as much.

    I actually think what might happen is that Obama will win the nomination (bah) and lose the general election. These numbers do not bode well for him -- his loss with the white working class. And, even I am not sure I can vote for the guy (we'll see, I need to think this over without the heat of emotion later, if it comes to that).

    Also, Obama and foreign policy - I think he is really out of it. I trust Hillary so much more.

    • Oh, and we will have the DNC to thank for that (Obama win of nomination, loss of GE). Because, if we did our process like the Republicans do theirs, which is more like the electoral college, than Hillary would be ahead. Also, the whole mess with Florida and Michigan -- I can't believe the DNC would disenfranchise them. How stupid.

      But, yes, big media bias -- agggh
  • OH, and I think it is crazy how every time she wins, they carry on about how she should quit. This has been going on in Iowa, where she did lose, but after that she began to win again. Crazy -

    • Don't forget that

      -- Iowa was also a caucus; one of the first (the first, I think), and also one where Obama had his college kids cheat/stack the caucus

      -- Iowa and all of the Super Tuesday voting and the Potomac voting was before the Wright/Michelle O. stuff hit the fan. I'm sure the vote would be much, much different if Wright had been focused on earlier.
      • Ugh, the Iowa caucus

        I have a friend who caucused for Obama in Iowa. Blecch. She visited us last summer and my husband, who loves to needle people, said it was ridiculous that a bunch of "hicks" (his word) had such power over the nomination process. I've come to agree with him - not on the hick part but on the unfairness of the system.

        I've heard stories from Iowans who say that many AA voters turned up to caucus in their all-white districts. What's that all about? And yeah, I've heard the stories about college kids being bussed in, as well.
  • I came to check my e-mail last night, and my default page is international headlines. Interestingly, at the top, the headline said "Obama near nomination, though Clinton wins Kentucky." Still a bit biased (especially since they had Obama's picture next to the blurb)... well, get this -- not more than 10 minutes later, the same story's headline had been changed to, "Obama inching ever closer to nomination." No mention of Clinton at all. Wonder who got the smackdown at AP News for having the AUDACITY to be neutral? ;-)

    Edited at 2008-05-21 02:19 pm (UTC)
  • I'm guessing it is primarily because Obama crossed the delegate threshold with his smaller victory. News organizations always want to be first with declarations, and it must be killing them that none of them can declare Obama the winner earlier than the convention.
    • Hey there

      OT, but what did you think of Gale's brief appearance on DH last Sunday?
      • Re: Hey there


        It's a great opportunity/stepping stone and he's well cast. An improvement on Gray's and procedurals IMO.

        • Re: Hey there

          I hate Gray's. I used to watch DH in the first season, but got annoyed b/c I hate Susan. However, she didn't seem too objectionable in the finale and the episode was entertaining, although I don't know WTF is going on anymore.

          If Gale is a recurring character, I will def. be tuning in!
  • What's interesting is that WV has 8 electoral votes, KY has 5 electoral votes and OR has 7 electoral votes. The last time WV and KY went blue was when Clinton won them back in the 90s. OR has been going blue for the past three presidential elections. But OR is the state to watch? Huh?

    The double standards in this primary is astounding.
    • The double standards in this primary is astounding. I know. Actually, it seems like fair and unbiased journalism has been replaced with this: "if it goes Clinton, it doesn't matter; if it goes Obama, shower it with attention."

      • DEFINITELY. I am PRAYING Hillary gets the nomination. I am so tired of the press giving Obama a pass on EVERYTHING.
  • I understand. Canadian news has been faltering lately, too. That's why it's hard not to believe it's already pretty much over. Canadian news doesn't normally suck.
  • Clinton supporters will vote for McCain if Obama gets the nomination? Please explain this to me. I'm a 64yr. old white Southern veteran; I was at my precinct caucus in Texas, and there were 300 people there, pretty evenly split between Obama and Clinton supporters (in 2004, one person showed up). This year, there was a friendly attitude. These two candidates are as close together in their policies as any I've seen in 40 years of voting. I would support Clinton any day over McCain - even though I prefer Obama.
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