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Hillary Clinton 2008

Yeeeah, it's shit that won't get your hubby elected, either.

Hillary Clinton 2008

Hillary Clinton

Yeeeah, it's shit that won't get your hubby elected, either.

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More b.s. to get your b.p. up over Michelle Oballbuster: 'I want to rip his eyes out!' she said, clawing at the air with her fingernails. One of her advisers gave her a nervous look. 'Kidding!' Obama said. 'See, this is what gets me into trouble.'

I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really *chanelling Birdgirl here* really, really, really HATE THAT WOMAN.


P.S. As I fed Henry, I pondered this. People will bitch and moan if we call MO a "bitch" or worse and then attribute our ire against MO to racism. Yeah, because showing some class is SOLELY upon the shoulders of black Americans. Only...not. Had Cindy McCain or Hell, any woman of any color--white, Asian, Hispanic--said the same thing, I would still say that the woman lacked class and manners. Stillife is correct: I don't see how this woman, this supposedly intelligent of a woman with a poor attitude, could ever compare to Jackie Kennedy. Never, ever. EVER.

EDIT OH HAY LOOK, stupid bitches are getting all pissy over what I say again. You gals (and some guys) just don't know when to quit, do you? Nor do you know how to read post scripts.

  • Please tell me

    how is it that people compare her to Jackie Kennedy?
  • WTF is wrong with this woman! MY GOD! Someone shove her under a rock FOREVER. And you might as well shove her arrogant husband with her. The world would almost be perfect. :[
  • See, I want to point everyone here when people call Hillary a bitch. She may be opinionated, passionate, and a bit mercurial - but that's not bitchy, and the first two, in a MAN, would be considered good things (and I consider them to be positive attributes in her). And then you've got the M.O. comment here--how is "daydreaming" of violence against a former president EVER acceptable--EVER! Did you ever her Hillary say something like that about Gingrich, or Ken Starr?? No!

    Meanwhile, given that she did make a threat against a former president--where's the Secret Service?
  • I hate her. I hate her so fucking much.
    • I wonder why. She doesn't raise my ire.

      • Because it's "acceptable", even endearing in the social climate that is America to be an outspoken, "tell-it-like-it-is" black female? Because our culture doesn't hold accountable black women for the things that they say because of White Guilt? Take a look at the opposing cultures which make up the entire picture. Diary of a Mad, Black Woman. So cute, because Medea tells it like it is. Of course, if it were Diary of a Mad, White Woman the picture suddenly changes from endearing and truth-telling to angry and racist. Those who subscribe to the postmodern sociological definition of racism would sure see it that way; that non-blacks can't excoriate black women (or black men, for that matter) for the "angry" stuff that they say because we don't have a right to, and blacks have every right to be angry/hold that grudge because of the way black Americans were treated in the creation of this country.

        Well I tell ya. This isn't about race for me. Like I said, if it were Cindy McCain, Elizabeth Edwards or even Maria Teresa Simões-Ferreira Heinz who said the shit that Michelle's said, I'd still hate the woman. She is not someone whom I believe should represent the "better half" of the presidency. There is no dignity in her words, no grace and no manners. First time she's been proud of the U.S.? She'd have to "think about" supporting Hillary? Clawing Bill Clinton's eyes out? She needs to get the fuck out of my country if she thinks that that's the kind of talk that's becoming of a would-be First Lady and she doesn't deserve to be elevated into the same class as Abigail Adams, Eleanor Roosevelt, Ladybird Johnson and Hillary Clinton. Christ, I like Laura Bush better than Michelle Obama and Laura killed someone. D:
    • I thank you for the explanation. I agree she is not in the same league.

      • You know what's really funny about this, is that I went to bed and started reading my new book that Larry Elder has out, Stupid Black Men: How to Play the Race Card and Lose and this exact topic (about how white America excuses bad/racist behavior in black America) fills the first dozen or so pages. Even mentions Obama's presidential campaign (I guess the book is brand new). Elder is a black "loud mouthed" Libertarian radio host who supported Obama up until the Wright issue.
        • Race neither causes nor excuses bad behavior.

          (Funniest of all to me is that lately I've been told there is no such thing as race, which means, I suppose, that no one is racist. Suffice it to say I respectfully disagree.)

          • I dunno, you would have to read Elders' book. I know I just started, but he makes some really excellent points about "his own" race and how blacks are comfortably shielded and exploit the shield because of their race (the examples I've read so far are Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson Sr., Spike Lee and Obama vs. Don Imus, "Kramer" (I forget his name, LOL) and even the Clintons; whenever the black "leaders" said something incredibly racist or just plain factually wrong, they were excuse and never issued real apologies...but when the white guys who said what they said and apologized, they continued to be beaten down over and over again in public without any acceptance of the apologies. Elder makes good points about the excuses used and about "black anger". I wish I hadn't fallen asleep (due to fatigue), because I'm really engrossed in this book/study. I also wish I'd had more $, so I could've picked up the other book about the race card, The Race Card: How Bluffing About Bias Makes Race Relations Worse by Richard Ford. It's interesting to see black authors address this, rather than reading what white guys have to write about it.
            • It is obvious that anyone can play victim with crocodile tears.

              When I was at university, a racist African (who happened to be my roommate, for one week, until the semesterly room freeze ended) told my Guyanese girlfriend that, as a member of the White Power Structure, I was trying to make her "forget her Africanity".

              Her response? "I'm from Guyana."

              (Under the idea that there are no races, there would also be no "race card" or "race relations".)

              Edited at 2008-05-12 04:04 am (UTC)
    • I concur!
  • I've seen a lot of people call this woman "bitch" - but I don't think she is. I know a lot of bitches, and I like them. They're tough, honest, and don't roll over for anyone. Michelle Obama is just a mean, angry jerk.

    And, yeah, about the Jackie Kennedy thing. Hardly. It's so obviously studied. You can dress up a porcupine and call it Mother Teresa, but it's still just a porcupine in a habit.

    • I think there are many definitions of the same word, and "bitch" is no exception.

      Hillary's a bitch because she's "pushy", "intelligent" and for reasons that are entirely sexist. It's not her behavior that makes her a bitch; it's the label that others put on her forceful attributes. "Bitches get stuff done" (like in your icon) is reclaiming the word to de-tooth it of its negativity. It's similar to the way gay men reclaim "faggot" or "fag" or "queen".

      Michelle Obama's a bitch in the sense that her behavior is deplorable/what comes out of her mouth makes people want to kick her in the face. The kind of usage of "bitch" where you see someone behaving beneath the way a human's expected to behave.

      Good bitches and bad bitches exist, that's all I'm saying (I guess).

      LOL@ porcupine in a habit imagery, though.

    • As I think about this, I guess the litmus test re: good bitch and bad bitch is thus: Hillary's a bitch, but she gets stuff done/works for what she believes in. What does Michelle Obama accomplish when she says the things that she does? Nothing (except a giant cloud of bitter aura surrounding her when this shit flies out of her mouth). That's the difference between Hillary's "bitch" and MO's "bitch".

    • Oh, and I totally forgot the third definition of "bitch" that I was thinking about earlier.

      Hillary is going to make Obama her bitch in the West Virginia primary.
    • I've seen a lot of people call this woman "bitch" - but I don't think she is. I know a lot of bitches, and I like them. They're tough, honest, and don't roll over for anyone. Michelle Obama is just a mean, angry jerk.

      I agree. I REFUSE to share/cede the term "Bitch" to Michelle Obama.
  • I make such jokes all the time. I don't see the problem. But then, I don't hate Michelle Obama; I just think Hillary Clinton would make a better president than Barack Obama.

    I understand that when one hates another, that other can do no right. But then, that's how the Right felt about the Clintons. Do we want to be like that?
    • Ironically enough, the people on the right are the ones who have been the most fair to Hillary in this cycle. I think her fighting spirit has earned grudging respect from a lot of people, though I do realize many Republicans are glad to watch the primary continue.

      I didn't start off not liking Michelle Obama, and sometimes I feel guilty about it, since she is a strong, intelligent woman. But her behavior has just been appalling. She just has this attitude about everything, and her whole "for the first time in my adult life, I'm proud of my country" comment was absurd. Other comments she has made about the United States, such as saying that we are "downright mean," lead me to believe that this is how she actually perceives this country. That's fine. I know the United States isn't perfect. But if the first time she's proud of the United States is when her husband is winning the nomination, that's not exactly the kind of mind set I want in the First Lady.

      And, in regards to Hillary, it's pretty clear she has problems with her. While she probably was kidding when she said she wanted to "claw" Bill's eyes out, when she said on Good Morning America that she would have to "think about" supporting Hillary if she won, I wonder where the whole "unity" factor comes in. Hillary has said unequivocally, on multiple occassions that she would support Obama, but Michelle has to "think about" supporting Hillary. Mkay.

      In my opinion, she comes off as a pompous ass who thinks her husband is the second coming. Maybe she can change my mind if she shows grace towards Hillary, but that seems highly unlikely at this point.
    • I'm someone who tends to put his foot in his mouth quite a bit, so I tend to cut others slack in this regard. I felt Barack's clarification of his wife's comment, that she meant the first time she was proud of the country's political process, was legitimate. But I agree the "think about" comment is indefensible (Barack probably does too, and that is probably why he didn't defend or clarify that one, instead preferring to let it disappear). I am a party loyalist, and I cannot fathom running for president without being loyal to the party in which I'm running. This is a matter of good politics with superdelegates if nothing else, but it is not nothing else.

      Edited at 2008-05-11 02:46 pm (UTC)

      • that she meant the first time she was proud of the country's political process

        Pssh, yeah, right. Proud of a process where crazy psychotic Obamatronic fiends can bully their way about a red state caucus (or ANY caucus) and consider it indicative of "the will of the people". Yeah, she's proud of that. Great.
      • LOL

        Sounds like another version of "WORM".
      • Well, I agree. I'm not proud of that process either. It makes me fear a McCain presidency. I'm willing to buy that's what she meant, but that doesn't mean I agree with her.
    • Don't forget MO's comment about how if Hillary can't run her own house, she can't run the White House. She's a nasty ass.
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